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【Weekly Post】Setting up 2023 Goals★

- 素晴らしい目標を提案し、目標に向かってチャレンジできる環境を整える -


数年前、子供たちのために見つけた「Big life journal」。

「The Big Life Journal」は無料ではありませんが「Parent’s Guide to a Growth Mindset」を購読していると、毎週無料でダウンロードできるプリントを受け取ることができます。

今年、私は11歳以上のマインドセットと目標のキット「my 2023 journey」を購入し、無料の2023年マインドセットカレンダーをもらいました。この2つのキットは、様々な年齢、また大人向けにデザインされており、魅力的なアクティビティとカラフルなテンプレートでいっぱいです。










ご興味あるかたは「The Big Life Journal」のリンクをのせます。



Last 2 weeks and/or on the first lessons every member and staff at YTJ set up their own goals for the 2023 year, and for the spring term as well. Sometimes members can’t find a page where they wrote their aim, or just forget their aim so quickly.

I already shared the “Big life journal “ print tables a few times, which I found for my children a few years ago. Their content teaches kids how to set their goals, how to make resolutions. So this theme is close to what we are doing in YTJ.

“The Big Life Journal” isn’t free, but if you subscribed to “Parent’s Guide to a Growth Mindset”,you receive a free printables that you can download every week. This year I bought a mindset and goals kit “ my 2023 journey “ for age +11 for my kids, and received a free 2023 mindset calendar.
They’re 2 different kits designed for different ages, also adults, full of engaging activities and colorful templates.

The mindset kit helps to understand what they want, and plan their own life. Also there are many good stories of famous people.

With the journal kit kids can:

•to discover the power of their mind and learn about different types of mindset.

•to do some fun acts to discover their true interests.

•dreaming up their life:
This is where kids can have their imagination run completely free as they are dreaming about their future and ideal life.

•to discover tools and tips on how to turn their dreams into reality.

•The Key To Success:
They can learn how to persist through challenges and difficult times in order to reach their goals.

Sometimes I use some printables in my lessons.
All the Journal creator’s ideas are absolutely creative and printables are amazing.
And this year I also received one about setting goals for the 2023, and I would like to use it for members this week in my English lessons to set their big goals for the year ahead. And I hope they use this tool to stretch themselves by learning and trying new things in 2023.

You can find more information via the link!

Thank you for reading to the end.