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【Weekly Post】『Motivation and Success』

【Education Column】
– 素晴らしい目標を提案し、目標に向かってチャレンジできる環境を整える -

The new Autumn-Winter term has already started ! ★★★
And as staff, as members are setting their goals for the new term.
Today I asked C and B members to share as their own, as their parents’ feedback after Member Show Case as well. Members did well and MSC went well and fun, without any accidents.

“あなたにはできない“,”あなたには難しい“ – I heard from members before…
The girls who said that feedback was sad, but other member answered:” あなたにもっと成長してほしいからそれを言ったんじゃない?” And the face of the sad girl changed at that moment! (I so proud of the member who said like that) ★
I thought, how important it is to support members, and understand ways, how you can do it!

I like to make bookmarks for members with their aims. (I hope they can remember their aims better with bookmark reminders:)

For this term I prepared for them bookmarks with phrases to choose like:
I reach for the Stars
I choose my attitude
I can do HARD things

( after they write their aims on it, I’ll laminate, and then will return it to them)
With motivation they can succeed much easily!

Here are some advices:
10 Ways to motivate your child (your members!)

1. Set Goals

Have them make a list of short-term goals and one long-term goal. Make sure the goals are reachable but require effort to obtain.

2. Celebrate Accomplishments

When your child accomplishes their goals, let them know that you are proud of them. Celebrate these things together. In some cases, reward your child for their hard work.

3. Make Things Competitive

Encourage healthy competition. Cheer on your child (a member) to win EVE or to take home the trophy from the JYDF. Make competition about positivity and strength in regards to your child and never about negativity and weakness towards the competitor.

4. Encourage Them

Let your child (member ) know that you believe in them. Tell them how great they are going to do. Dismiss any self-doubt or fears they may have.

5. Take Interest

Learn about your child’s (member’s)interests. Talk to she/he about them and listen. It will show the children that you care and that they free to talk to you about their interests.

6. Discover Passion

Encourage your children (members) to discover what they are passionate about. Dances or songs, or both… It may take a few tries along the way. Support them on their journey towards passion and urge them to keep going until they find out what it is.

7. Remain Positive

Maintain a positive and optimistic outlook for your children (members). If they see fear or doubt in your eyes then they will likely lose self-confidence. Having a positive approach will lighten their entire outlook to a situation.

8. Peer Pressure

Occasionally, a little peer pressure is not a bad thing. It can push your kids (members ) to do better in school or in a sport, or in YTJ lessons, and try hard to dance or learn English songs or speeches, because they want to keep up with their friends. However, watch for when the stress of peer pressure starts to become too much.
(For this part, to choose a class Leader, subleader and other leaders, will work well)

9. Make a Plan

In order to reach goals, you need a plan. Help your children (members ) create a strategy for reaching their goals. Make a step-by-step plan to reach them.

10. Excite Them

Excite your children about their goals and ambitions. Show that you are excited for them too. The positive energy and adrenaline will push them to continue their hard work and be happy with their efforts.

I hope all members will enjoy this Autumn-Winter term as always!
Good luck for all members and staff!


Nataliia 2021.9.22